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Sleep Gummies - Mango

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Not able to sleep well? See how Neend sleep gummies can help you 👇

🛌 Helps you fall asleep in 15 minutes

🌱 Perfect blend of ingredients for restful sleep

✨ Fun and easy to consume

😋 Delicious taste in fruity flavour

 Pack of 30 gummies

How it works

These delicious gummies will help in boosting your natural sleep hormone level. These supplements are non addictive and have no side effects.
In case you have any chronic disease then please consult your doctor before consuming these.

How to use

Just chew one gummy 30 minutes before your bedtime. No milk or water needed. You can take two gummies if one doesn't work for you.


We ship the product on same day so that it reaches you as soon as possible. We deliver 80% of the orders within 4 days.

Return policy

5 Day return policy
We offer you complete peace of mind while ordering at Neend - you can return items which qualify as returnable/refundable under this policy within 5 days of receipt of goods.
Please refer below link for more details:

How sleep gummies can help?

Regulate sleep cycle
& reduce insomnia

These gummies help you fall asleep faster and do their best to bring your sleep-wake cycle back on track

Calm the
anxious mind

These are the natural stress reliever and hence calm the anxious thoughts and reduce anxiety

Relieves jet lag

Travelling between time-zones, make sleep routine's haywire. These gummies will help you fall asleep as per your routine

Help immune system &
keep eyes healthy

Melatonin in the gummies helps to build good immune system and promotes eye health.


What they’re made of?


Who can have them?

Those who can’t fall asleep easily

Those who want to wake up refreshed every morning

Those who want to regulate their sleep cycles

Those who want to calm their mind

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Surbhi Jain
Helped me sleep faster

These gummies are tasty, helped me fall asleep much quicker


I use this before going to bed and it helps me to sleep in 20-30 mins

Great Product

These are quite effective and helps you to sleep in 20-30 mins after consuming.


These are quite effective and helpful for sleep

One pop daily and sleep

Liked the idea. No water needed to consume. So easy to eat and sleep :)


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