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Sleep Gummies - Strawberry

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Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Try Neend gummies and get the sleep you need, drug-free. Neend gummies deliver a unique blend of ingredients that work together to calm your mind and promote restful sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Nadeem Khan

Sleep Gummies - Strawberry

Gummies worked like a charm

Firstly maine nhi socha tha sleep ke liye Aisa kuch work karega bhi. But I was worng. And muze vishwas hi nhi ho Raha ki 2 saal maine sleep ka problem suffer Kiya. I would order again.

Harpreet Kaur
Honestly best gummies

Best gummies for better sleep. I even take it whenever I am traveling and can't sleep well.

Good one

No more sleep deprived. I feel good the next day

Prabhu Raj
Sleeping good

Good product


How sleep gummies can help?

Regulate sleep cycle
& reduce insomnia

These gummies help you fall asleep faster and do their best to bring your sleep-wake cycle back on track

Calm the
anxious mind

These are the natural stress reliever and hence calm the anxious thoughts and reduce anxiety

Relieves jet lag

Travelling between time-zones, make sleep routine's haywire. These gummies will help you fall asleep as per your routine

Help immune system &
keep eyes healthy

Melatonin in the gummies helps to build good immune system and promotes eye health.


What they’re made of?


Who can have them?

Those who can’t fall asleep easily

Those who want to wake up refreshed every morning

Those who want to regulate their sleep cycles

Those who want to calm their mind


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