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Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

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Neend Eye Mask is made of Mulberry Silk. Mulberry silk also known as Natural Silk is the highest quality silk. Ultra-smooth and Super Soft.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Neend eye mask features a comfortable and soft elastic strap, So it would never fall-off the head while sleeping. It can be Adjusted according to head size and comfort.

SMOOTH & LIGHTWEIGHT: Just put the eye mask on and have a deep sleep. The silk sleep mask reduces facial stress, wrinkles, ageing, eye bags, puffiness, and under-eye darkening to make you look more healthy.

CARRY IT EVERYWHERE: Whether you're going on a long drive with someone, in a plane or in your bed, take it with you. Neend Eye Mask is your partner every-time you go to sleep. 

COVERS 95% LIGHT - sleep masks works like a blackout curtains. and you can carry it anywhere. Darkness can improve the natural production of melatonin in the body which helps in sleeping better.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

It is super soft and light weight and very comfortable.

Vishnu VInjam
Comforting and Blackout Mask - Buying for Family Now

Very comfortable, easy on skin mask that completely blocks out light. Would definitely recommend. On days I forgot wearing the mask I slept a bit less and woke up less rested. So now I keep it on my pillow. It also forces me not to look at my phone (added bonus :D). Buying another for my wife and parents.

Vandana Singh
Worth the price

Very good product, comfortable, soft and blocks light efficiently. Worth the money.

Kavita Chopra
very soft and effective

I’m a super light sleeper and the slightest light through the curtains wakes me up no matter how late I slept or how desperately I need more sleep. This eye mask has been a game changer. I love it. Love the quality. But the short point is that I’m sleeping SO much better and I never leave home for an overnight trip without it. Going to get one for my insomniac dad and sister as well.

Very effective

Genearally speaking the problem with these type of sleep masks is the cannot cover maximum light to not to disturbe sleep. But this mask is different, this is covering light to greater extent. material is super soft. Worth the price.


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