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Snore Sound Reducer Ring - Magnetic Therapy

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A natural and non-invasive way to help reduce that snoring. 

Using the principle of acupressure the wearing of the ring promotes the dilation of the breathing areas thereby removing the primary cause of snoring. The pressure points within the ring incorporate 2 magnets increasing the effects in the same way that acupuncture practitioners use magnets during treatments.

How to wear it:
The ring should be placed on the little finger. Push the ring to the bottom of the little finger, so that it sits halfway between the joint and knuckle. Squeeze and release the sides gently but firmly to create a pressurised, but comfortable fit. You can wear the ring during the day or bring it up before going to bed at night. The effect of wearing during the day will be enhanced, the left and right hands are basically the same, but we recommend the left hand. Wear it on little finger.

This ring is not a magical cure for all. Like many conventional medicines and treatments, it will not work in exactly the same way for every person. You’ll only find out the snoring ring’s impact on your snoring problem by trying the ring.

Customer Reviews

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Jasleen K

It really works and I have seen visible results

It helps

I don't know the science behind this, but as per my family it helps and my snoring is reduced


It helped


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