16 Hilarious Sleep Memes That Left Us Cracking!

16 Hilarious Sleep Memes That Left Us Cracking!

The two biggest loves of our life: memes and sleep. What would we be doing on the Internet and in real life without these two!

Perhaps, the best thing to come out of the Internet generation is memes! No, no - it's truly a treasure! People across age groups who try to explore the online world even remotely have at least one meme they found hilarious! 

We are the OG “trying to get 8 hours of sleep in 3 hours” gang! Wya? :'D

1. We love sleep so much there is no limit to the number of memes we can produce out of it! And why stop oneself? Aren’t memes our generation's creative outlet?

2. People begin their days with cheery mornings. We? We lay in the bed and question life with sleep-ridden eyes - the decision of having a job, why time exists, isn’t time a social construct, what is the point of life…(IYKYK!)

3. Sleep and our immense love for it make us prioritize the bigger, larger things in life! Look at this hot take on the hare and the tortoise race story! We may have found an icon in her!

4. Yes, set aside all the problems of the world. There is NOTHING WORSE than the morning alarm. Repeat with us. Join the hoot. Bring about the revolution!

5. It hurts when the internet folks get too damn real! And so fast!

6. Revamping the childhood rhymes to suit the current times and experiences - check! Simplicity is futuristic. Stan it!

7. “I dream of sleeping right after waking up. You get up, go for runs, make to-dos, and work on them. We are not the same, bruh.”

8. First things first, it’s 2022 - we need to stop throwing serious psychological disorders as if they mean nothing. This move is so 2011!

Secondly, the sleep OGs know the role of each pillow involved. Stationed at the correct angles and you get the best, most comfortable sleep of your LIFE! Bet on it.

9. Seven hours, two days, five months - who knows what would happen? But the fun lies in this danger.

(Via Johnna M)

10. Late night discoveries: do you know starfish can re-grow its arms? And that a group of kittens is called a kindle? And that you’ll end up eating more during the day just because you didn’t sleep well this night??? How is any of this fair?????

11. Because our focus is unshaken!

12. Brb crying & sobbing & questioning every decision of life! :’D

(Via Pinterest)

13. Where’s the lie?

(Via Pinterest)

14. NBD, we’ll keep dragging ourselves through the world with sleep-devoid eyes.

(Via Bella Montreal)

15. We didn’t wish to be attacked like this.

(Via The Funny Beaver)

16. Oh, what a world. Oh, what a life!

For real though, sleep is super important. You think you can get by on 3 hours of sleep, you cannot. We research and study sleep every day (lmao, we really do!) - we know what we’re talking about.

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[Cover Picture Credit: @ily8105]

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